About Us

Why are we called "Stave"? Glad you asked! A stave is a single curved strip of wood that, when secured by metal hoops with other staves, forms a barrel- the world's delivery vehicle of choice for beer and wine for thousands of years. There is so much to offer from both liquid worlds and no good barrel is effective without all of its staves. We are one stave that is proud to be here to help form a barrel of experience to be delivered in New Braunfels, Texas!


We offer beer and wine to enjoy here or to take home, local artisanal cheese, organic fermented pickles, and freshly baked Badische Bretzeln. 

We are delighted to share our passion with you and will be holding beer and wine celebrations, educational courses, and pairings with fresh local foods.



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540 South Castell Avenue

New Braunfels, Texas