Our Partners

Part of our reason to exist is for the pleasure and opportunity of working with local businesses. We choose to work with people who hold similar values as ours and who have a love for what they do. We are eager to work with other businesses as we grow and are proud promoters of their products and services that we enjoy so much. 

Ayurvedic Living helps you balance your Body, Mind, and Spirit with yoga, cooking, meditation and more! We are proud to provide their organic pickled goods that were grown from the soil of New Braunfels and fermented with its native yeast in the air all around us.

We also occasionally have their freshly baked German-style Pretzels to add to a beautiful plate of cheese and pickles paired with a glass of beer or wine. See their offerings and upcoming cooking workshops at the link below.

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540 South Castell Avenue

New Braunfels, Texas