Small business owners Terence Green and Clayton Hennian in front of Stave beer and wine house.

Our Story

By either luck, destiny, or a blend of both, Stave began when founders Terence Green and Clayton Hennigan met while working at their previous jobs. Terence had beer to sell, Hennigan had tap lines to fill, and both had a bursting passion to share the wonderful world of beer and wine with New Braunfels.


After a few times of sharing some tasty brews and thoughtful wines, Terence and Hennigan decided it was time to form a partnership and share the extraordinary experience of food and drink they enjoyed so much.


They plan to work with other small businesses who hold similar values by offering their fresh outstanding products, collaborating to create great times, and educating to enhance culinary experiences. 

Stave officially opened its doors on November 1, 2019 and are thrilled to continue to grow with their beloved community of New Braunfels.